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Managing Partner Message

Rayhan Medical Complex is an institution meeting the highest standards of healthcare, we provide healthcare services to all patients in a friendly environment with ethical and transparent medical practices and a culture of care and compassion. We believe that continued good health is essential for a person’s wellbeing. Rayhan Medical Complex has established itself as a comprehensive healthcare system providing multispecialty tertiary care services across the State of Qatar.

At Rayhan Medical Complex, we have medical practitioners in respective fields, offering not only top of the line medical and clinical facilities, but also quality education and training. We have carved a niche for ourselves in Qatar’s healthcare industry by excelling in specialty treatments, complex surgeries, international expertise and state-of-art infrastructure. We are committed to serving the communities by delivering the highest quality patient care to them.

We have the team of doctors, renowned in their fields of expertise, demonstrating empathy, with a team of compassionate and well-trained nurses.

The journey for Rayhan team has been challenging, and with every challenge we faced, we emerged as a healthcare organization delivering world-class patient care services with an emphasis on quality and service excellence – building a bond of trust with all our patients.

I thank my team for their continued contributions in the development of this vibrant organization.

Hisham Hadid
Managing Partner 

A Glance at Rayhan

Rayhan Medical Complex is a state of the art medical facility in Doha, Qatar. Rayhan prides itself in providing exceptional services in surgery in Doha, with a day surgery facility equipping patients with recovery and inpatient rooms and complete surgery services, With the finest health management through excellence in the provision of Specialized Outpatient Clinics and Revolutionary Operating Theatres enhanced by education and research. In Rayhan, we believe that access to quality health care is the right of every human being, we are committed to continuously develop the health care industry in Qatar. Ensuring the safety and care of our patients is fundamental to who we are. Health and well-being are the core of our existence. We are bringing global knowledge along with local experience to provide highly competitive health care techniques, exceeding our patients’ expectations.


To offer international best practice healthcare services to a diverse range of patients, by using highly qualified experienced physicians, nurses and medical staff ensuring the best-personalized health plans, that are provided to the patients within an internationally accredited medical facility.


To pioneer day surgery services by minimizing recovery duration and using top-notch technology for investigation, intervention and treatment and applying the best global healthcare standards and divine ethics.


Islamic Ethics
We are guided by Islamic ethics in our relationship with the clients, families, employees, stakeholders and competitors.

We are committed to world-class comprehensive patient-focused medical services by providing a caring and supportive environment to our clients, families and employees. 

We are committed to create and develop best practice center of excellence and deliver outstanding services that surpass expectation in everything we do and achieve a trustworthy system of healthcare delivery.

We are committed to work together and share knowledge to benefit clients and employees for the advancement of our mission in a spirit of cooperation and support, valuing each other’s skills and contributions. 

We are committed to apply safety science and methods to minimize the incidents and maximize recovery from adverse events. 

We are committed to take into account and be respond to political, commercial, community and clinical/patient’s interests and expectations in the most efficient and professional manner.