Dr. Enshirah Ibrahim, MD

Consultant Laboratory medicine / Clinical pathology
Laboratory Department
Dr. Enshirah Ibrahim, MD
Dr. Enshirah Ibrahim, MD

MD, master’s degree, MBBS. MD degree of clinical pathology2006 ,AL-Azhar university Master degree of clinical and chemical pathology 2001 ,Ain Shams university Bachelor of medicine and surgery 1996 ,Ain Shams university


15 years' of Experience in Laboratory diagnosis


Scientific Publications

Specialized In

- Laboratory diagnosis of a broad range of haematological abnormalities including all types of anaemia, coagulation disorders and haematological malignancies.
- Laboratory diagnosis of a wide range of metabolic abnormalities, renal and hepatic, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiac dysfunctions and dyslipidemias
- Laboratory diagnosis of endocrinal disturbances including thyroid dysfunctions, adrenal and gonadal disturbances.
- Laboratory diagnosis of a wide range of immunological, autoimmune, inflammatory and allergic diseases.
- Laboratory diagnosis of the broad spectrum of infectious and communicable diseases caused by bacterial, viral or parasitological microorganisms.
- Laboratory evaluation of cases of male and female infertility, and early detection of congenital and chromosomal abnormalities. 


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