Prof. Shawki Elmoursi, MD

Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat - Head and Neck Surgery
ENT, Head and Neck Surgery (Otolaryngology)
Prof. Shawki Elmoursi, MD
Prof. Shawki Elmoursi, MD

MD, Master's degree , MBBS.


25 years' of Experience in ENT , Head & Neck Surgery


European board of ORL Head and Neck surgery.

Scientific Publications

Specialized In

Diagnosis and Treatments
·       Patient examination by Endoscopy (Rigid and Flexible)
·       Endoscopic assessment of nose and paranasal sinuses
·       Microscopic examination of ear
·       Tympanometry and pure tone audiometry by most recent techniques
·       Epistaxis treatment by chemical cautery and coblation
·       Management of nasal obstruction and turbinate hypertrophy by coblation without general anaesthesia
·       Assessment and management of vertigo
·       Assessment of pharyngeal and laryngeal diseases by rigid and flexible fibreoptic endoscopy

·       Basic and advanced endoscopic sinus surgery
·       Rhinoplasty Surgery.
·       Microscopic ear surgery, Microlaryngeal surgery
·       Head and Neck surgery
·       Basic ENT operations; Adenotonsillectomy, Septoplasty, and Ventilation tube insertion.
·       Coblation, Radiofrequency and Laser surgery


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