Orthopedic and Trauma surgery

Orthopedic and Trauma surgery

Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery

Our service provides high-quality, evidence-based care from evaluation to investigation and medical and surgical treatments
Our numerous specialized services provide to all patients a multidisciplinary approach (Consultant based) to ensure state-of-the-art care and management of their conditions.
The department works closely with other medical and surgical specialties to provide proper diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of disorders strengthened by teamwork.
(Knowledge is power - Precise, concise and up to the point) these are the wings of our department.



Adult Spine trauma non-surgical and surgical treatment.
Adult and child Limb trauma non-surgical and surgical treatment.
Adult and child Leg and foot trauma non-surgical and surgical treatment.
Sport traumatology management (arthroscopic surgery)
Shoulder, hip, knee and ankle/foot arthrosis and others arthropathy management.
Lumbar Spine degenerative disease surgery (spine stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis…).

Orthopaedic Clinic and orthopaedic Operation (Cutting Edge of Knowledge)


·        Patient examination
·        Bones fractures management by cast (fibre, plaster.), strapping …
·        Management of joint sprains and muscles strains by strapping and different kind of splint and slab
·        Joints injection for arthrosis and others arthropathy
·        tendons infiltration (tendinitis of rotator cuff, elbow, patellar tendon, Achille tendon, heel spur….)
·        PRP joints and tendons injection
·        Wound treatment


·         Knee Arthroscopic surgery: meniscus tear management, cruciate ligaments reconstruction, synovial biopsy/resection, foreign body removal.·         Shoulder arthroscopy: rotator cuff repair, AF removal, biceps tenotomy, acromioplasty…
·         Ankle arthroscopy
·         Acromioplasty, rotator cuff repair and shoulder instability surgery open
·         ORIF/ per cutaneous nail fixation for different kind of fractures.
·         Total shoulder anatomic and reverse arthroplasty (omarthrosis, major rotator cuff tear)
·         Total hip arthroplasty/revision (coxarthrosis)
·         Knee arthrosis surgery: Total knee arthroplasty/revision, tibial and femoral osteotomy.
·         Surgery of ankle and foot arthrosis (ARTHRODESIS)
·         Surgery of hallux valgus/rigidus and metatarsalgia
·         Soft tissue and bone tumour resection
·         Spine surgery:
o   Traumatic: ORIF.
o   degenerative: laminectomy (remove of stenosis), posterior arthrodesis, instrumentation, discectomy (MIS), PLIF …

Orthopedic and Trauma surgery Doctors

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