Orthopedic and Trauma surgery

Orthopedic and Trauma surgery

Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery

The Orthopedic Department cares for male and female patients of all ages with problems of the bones and joints.



Adult Spine trauma non-surgical and surgical treatment.
Adult and child Limb trauma non-surgical and surgical treatment.
Adult and child Leg and foot trauma non-surgical and surgical treatment.
Sport traumatology management (arthroscopic surgery)
Shoulder, hip, knee and ankle/foot arthrosis and others arthropathy management.
Lumbar Spine degenerative disease surgery (spine stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis…).

Orthopaedic Clinic and orthopaedic Operation (Cutting Edge of Knowledge)


·        Patient examination
·        Bones fractures management by cast (fibre, plaster.), strapping …
·        Management of joint sprains and muscles strains by strapping and different kind of splint and slab
·        Joints injection for arthrosis and others arthropathy
·        tendons infiltration (tendinitis of rotator cuff, elbow, patellar tendon, Achille tendon, heel spur….)
·        PRP joints and tendons injection
·        Wound treatment


·         Knee Arthroscopic surgery: meniscus tear management, cruciate ligaments reconstruction, synovial biopsy/resection, foreign body removal.·         Shoulder arthroscopy: rotator cuff repair, AF removal, biceps tenotomy, acromioplasty…
·         Ankle arthroscopy
·         Acromioplasty, rotator cuff repair and shoulder instability surgery open
·         ORIF/ per cutaneous nail fixation for different kind of fractures.
·         Total shoulder anatomic and reverse arthroplasty (omarthrosis, major rotator cuff tear)
·         Total hip arthroplasty/revision (coxarthrosis)
·         Knee arthrosis surgery: Total knee arthroplasty/revision, tibial and femoral osteotomy.
·         Surgery of ankle and foot arthrosis (ARTHRODESIS)
·         Surgery of hallux valgus/rigidus and metatarsalgia
·         Soft tissue and bone tumour resection
·         Spine surgery:
o   Traumatic: ORIF.
o   degenerative: laminectomy (remove of stenosis), posterior arthrodesis, instrumentation, discectomy (MIS), PLIF …

Orthopedic and Trauma surgery Doctors

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