Day Care Surgery unite at Rayhan Medical Complex

Day Care Surgery unite at Rayhan Medical Complex

Head of  day Surgery unit, Medical Director explains the benefits of same-day surgery and aftercare benefits offered at Rayhan Medical Complex

June , 2018 – Doha, Qatar - Rayhan Medical Complex, a state-of-the-art medical centre, located in Al Markhiya in Doha, Qatar, has opened its Day Surgery (unit)offering ENT, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Obs & Gynae, Urology, Orthopaedic and Ophthalmology Surgeries.

Medical Director, head of the Day Care Surgery unit at Rayhan Medical Complex explains the effects of day care surgery over patients being admitted to a hospital, including the impact on recovery period, finances and the overall mental well-being of a patient. Says Dr. Anwar “One of the most important benefits of Day Care Surgery is decreasing the infection  (risk)  for patients”

“With Day Care Surgery, there is no need to admit the patient; they can be discharged on the same day decreasing the risk of potential infection from a hospital stay, as there is no further exposure with patients who may be infected or sick.” adds Medical Director.

The financial impact on the patient is also lessened as patients spend less time in the recovery ward, being discharged on the same day and therefore reducing costs. “The fast-track recovery of the patient enables the patient to return home as well as re-join work quickly as there is no need to stay in the hospital for additional days, further benefiting the patient financially.

Explaining further, one of the other advantages of Rayhan Medical Complex’s Day Care Surgery is the impact on the mental well-being on a patient which allows patients to heal quickly and recover faster. “The thought of being in hospital for a surgery can cause emotional and psychological burdens which can have additional effect on the immune system. Studies have shown that post-operation, being at home in the family environment increases the immunity and helps the patient to heal from surgery and trauma faster.” says Dr. Anwar

Although patients are discharged on the same day, they are also given a thorough at home follow-up program which also assists in the patient’s quick recovery ensuring that home recovery is as comfortable as possible.  
“After surgery, in the comfort of their own home, the patient is monitored for vital signs, ensure that they are fully recovered from anaesthesia and has regained his/her normal physical and mental activity. We ensure there are no complications, no bleeding and no burden on the patient. We also further confirm the patient can take food and water, is not nauseous or vomiting, and gradually can be completely independent of any further home support.” says Dr. Anwar

Additionally, Rayhan Medical Complex also ensures that the patient is provided with special treatment at home with medication, and an escort for the patient during the first 24 hours to take care of the patient in the early post-operative period.

Adds Dr Anwar: “We provide the patient with the contact number for doctors, physicians or the facility itself, in case of any emergency. We arrange for the next visit to follow up on his clinical and medical condition. The escort will also take care of the patient including driving them to their home and providing further in-the-home services.”     

Established in early 2017, Rayhan Medical Complex is a premier Day Care Surgery and Health Provider, serving Qatar with the finest health management through excellent surgical and clinical care enhanced by education and research while developing the health industry in Qatar.

As clinics are the first point of healthcare to Doha’s population, Rayhan Medical Complex has invested in ensuring their facilities, especially in the surgery unit, are one of the best in Doha, while also focusing on outpatient staff development ensuring ongoing professional service and training. Rayhan Medical Complex has recruited leading medical experts and ( consultant based services), while also offering a friendly and pleasant environment. Rayham Medical Complex is equipped with all technologies and modalities that support Rayhan’s mission of making patients’ visit smooth and pleasant.

Managing Partner of Rayhan Medical Complex, Hisham Hadid added, “We are exceptionally proud of our day care surgery headed up by Dr. Anwar. We believe Day Care Surgery is effective, efficient and highly beneficial for the patient’s health and recovery time”.

Medical Director, who heads up the Day Care Surgery unit at Rayhan Medical Complex, is a graduate from Alexandria University in Egypt, with a bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1994 then he got a master degree in Anesthesia since 2000. he gained his Certificate of Completion of Board degree in Anesthesia & ICU since 2008. Lastly he completed a fellowship in (UGRA), U/S Guided Regional Anesthesia from Montpellier University, ( France).

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About Rayhan Medical Complex:
Rayhan Medical Complex is state-of-art medical facility lies located in Al Markhiya Street, in Doha, Qatar. Established in 2017, Rayhan joins the health sector in Qatar with a high passion to create unparalleled experience of patients and their families about healthcare facilities. Rayhan prides itself in having exceptional services in surgery in Doha, with a day surgery facility equipping patients with recovery and inpatient rooms and complete surgery services.

Focusing on quality medical care through a professional team of doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrators with high-end facilities and equipment, the center is equipped with a modern hospital information system that allows the operations to be almost paperless.

Rayhan Medical Complex also includes 10 outpatient clinics with majority Medical specialties of Dental, Dermatology, ENT, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Internal medicine. In addition, there is a much sought-after radiology department equipped with the latest X-ray ,C-arm which is a portable X-ray machine facilitate all surgical manoeuvres need a continuous x-rays during the surgery itself, and CT Scan equipment, which provides high-resolution images with a low rate of harmful radiation. In addition to medical Laboratory offering comprehensive range of medical tests.

Rayhan Medical Complex is the result of an investment of more than 18 months in the search for the world’s best high level medical staff and state of the art equipment to offer the best possible health experience in the beloved State of Qatar.