Rayhan Medical Complex Launches Expert Dermatology and Laser Department

Rayhan Medical Complex Launches  Expert Dermatology and Laser Department
May , 2018 – Doha, Qatar - Rayhan Medical Complex, a state of the art medical centre located in Al Markhiya in Doha, Qatar, has launched its new skincare department offering exclusive Dermatology and Laser services with expert skincare advice headed by Dr. Waed Abdul Karim Khalouf, (MBBS, Master’s Degree). Rayhan Medical Complex is a premier health care centre that provides a wide range of services and prides in its exclusive day care surgery unit and premium recovery rooms facilities for the Qataris and residents in Doha.

Dr. Waed, is a specialist Dermatologist focusing on healthy and beautiful skin. She graduated from the faculty of Medicine and Surgery in Damascus, and has earned a position on the Syrian board of dermatology. Dr. Waed, has over seven years of experience in the industry, and is an expert in laser treatments including spectra laser and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for face and hair. She brings her professional knowledge of the latest cosmetic treatments in the industry for hair loss and skincare problems to Rayhan Medical Complex.

Rayhan Medical Complex’s Dermatology and Laser department provides diagnosis and treatments with a key focus on treatment of all allergy cases, Wrinkle Smoothing, Facial Peel, Derma Hydration, Derma Fillers, Hand Treatment, Laser hair Removal, Excessive Sweating Solutions, PRP treatment for face and hair, Botox and skin treatment of acne vulgaris and scars.

Says Dr. Waed “At Rayhan Medical Complex, we pride ourselves on the latest technology with a real focus on customer care ensuring our patients feel relaxed and welcomed. Already having received a number of patients in our Dermatology and Laser Department, we look forward to welcoming many more patients to our facilities”.

Established early 2017, Rayhan is a premier Day Care Surgery and health provider serving Qatar with the finest health management through excellence in the provision of Surgical and  clinical care enhanced by education and research while developing the health industry in Qatar. As clinics are the first point of healthcare to Doha’s population, Rayhan Medical Complex has invested in ensuring their facilities especially in the surgery unit are the best in Doha, while also focusing on outpatient staff development ensuring ongoing professional service and training. Rayhan Medical Complex has recruited leading medical experts and specialists in their fields, while also offering a friendly and pleasant environment. Clinics are equipped with all technologies and modalities that support Rayhan’s mission of making patients’ visit smooth and pleasant.

The Day Care Surgeries offered at Rayhan Medical Complex include ENT Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic surgeries, Obs & Gyne Surgeries, Urology Surgeries, Orthopaedic Surgeries, and Ophthalmology Surgeries. The clinics would include; GIT and Internal Medicine, Dermatology, OB Gyne, ENT, Paediatrics and Dental clinics. Offering over 20 treatment rooms, six inpatient rooms, and high-tech Microscopy and Endoscopy units, CT scan, X-Ray and Laboratory; Rayhan Medical Complex is equipped to provide the best health care for patients using ground-breaking research and the most advanced medical equipment.

Says, managing partner of Rayhan Medical Complex is Hisham Hadid, “We are excited about the opening of the Dermatology and Laser Departments where we can ensure they continue to deliver at the high standard of services, products and facilities at Rayhan Medical Complex. And to ensure high quality in health outcomes for our patients, which will have a significant impact on the provision of excellent health care for the citizens of this country and residents”